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Matt Knight

March 16th 2023

We caught up with Poggerz co-founder and DJ/producer, Tyler C, to discuss the night dedicated to the Australian cartoon that touched the hearts of many, The Big Lez Show.

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The cult following that amassed from The Big Lez Show, an Australian comedy web series created on Microsoft Paint, has only grown after its initial airing in 2012. Four seasons and 36 episodes later, the Big Lez community is coming together to celebrate the joy it has brought to so many. 

This resulted in underground music night, Poggerz, co-founded by Tyler C, to throw a rave devoted to the beloved cartoon.

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Tyler and his friend, Eliot, launched Poggerz back in 2016, a night committed to displaying a range of underground rave music to the Sheffield crew. He explained to us who’s behind each event: “My friend Craig, from back in Norfolk, was living in Sheffield and helped come up with the idea of a Big Lez Show party. It’s me and him that have been throwing them under the Poggerz brand, with help from my girlfriend Danni and a few other mates.


“I had been carrying on throwing parties as Poggerz myself, since Eliot (the other half of the brand) was in Australia, so it was good to get some help. Craig's got loads of experience in nightlife and we have always been into the same kind of music and parties.


“We've always put effort into decor at our events so its worked well running these Big Lez themed ones under the Poggerz flag.”

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In 2019, the first night was launched. Incorporating Big Lez and a rave? The concept seems too good to pass. So due to a last minute cancellation at The Harley in Sheffield, Big Lez’s Big Party was born, Tyler told us: “We honestly thought it was gonna be just a few of our mates pissing about, but it sold out in about three days! Big Lez has obviously got its cult following but we didn’t think it would kick off so much. It was so rammed from start to finish with people dressed as Noelzy etc.”

If you may have missed the previous parties, do not worry, as this time they’re taking the journey to Lancaster, for another immersive night of Big Lez fuelled antics. With themed decor and costumes in place, the Kanteena is set for a big one: “Tons of decor, a sick venue, banging tunes. We will be kitting out the venue with loads of Big Lez decor and we have a load of bits to giveaway, Big Lez on the projector etc.


“The best part of the night is seeing everyone get hyped with each other about the show and everyone buzzing about it together.”

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April is creeping round the corner, and sure enough summer will be with us in a blink of an eye. What’s going to happen next? Will you be partying with Big Lez? What clubs and dungeons will the Trippa Snippa army be commandeering? Which city will be blessed? Well, only time will tell: “Potentially one more before the summer... I’m wanting to start focusing on bookings again in Autumn, but I think we will always have time for one of the Big Lez parties.


“It’s sick bringing loads of different people together from different scenes, that maybe wouldn’t usually be at the same club night if not for the show.”


Cop your tickets for the next Big Lez party in Lancaster, 17th of March, with the link below:

Tickets for Lancaster (Big Lez’s Big Party - St Paddy's Special Tickets | Kanteena Lancaster | Fri 17th March 2023 Lineup (



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