Merging the old school and the new school with tremendous grace is with the iconic sound of the mighty, Benny L.

The remix is to be released in the forthcoming album, Future, on Bryan Gee's triumphant record label, V Recordings. Keeping true to those clear breaks and awe inspiring vocals, Benny L brings his own take on the 1996 classic by providing that raw and energetic production, and keeping it true to Benny L, the bass jabs and rolls implemented do indeed pack a punch. 

This remix demonstrates the homage that is paid to the foundations of drum and bass, whilst still bringing that new sound we all know and love to the table. 

Roni Size has been rooted in the history of V Recordings for many years, with the original having been released on a double a-sided single on the record label back in 1996. We're now at the beginning of a new decade, 2020, and this remix most definitely reinstates it into a new era. 

Watch out for the full album release at the end of March.


Matt Knight


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