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A record label that holds no bounds in sound specifics, is Beatroot Records from the South West. Run and organised by Vibe Rater, he let us in on the ethos behind the label, what they are all about and his involvement in the underground party music circuit

How would you describe Beatroot Records?

An independent label doing it for the love of underground/party music!


Take us back to when Beatroot Records first became established, what prompted and led up to it?

Initially it was an event brand under Beatroot Promotions. When I realised a lot of friends and acquaintances were getting into producing, I decided to steer it in a different direction by releasing their music through a label. Our first release a bunch of dudes from the Southwest creating some party music for the people!


Who’s behind the label?

At first it was a solo pursuit. Now I have a close friend helping me run things behind the scene (shout outs to Harry B my bro!) and a good connection of friends involved in pushing the sound.


What do you look for in a track when awaiting release?

As we're a versatile label pushing multi genre music, looking at a track from a subjective view, we aim for what all kinds of listeners would enjoy in the dance whether it's our cup of tea or not. 



Are there any difficulties you’d have to learn and adapt to in the process of creating the label?

It has been a learning curve since day one to be honest! Starting out with little knowledge and only 18 years old I was always grabbing advice at any opportunity. If I could give one bit of advice to any one starting out now it would be GET CONNECTING! People I've encountered through music have been super  helpful and to anyone that's helped along the way I give a massive thanks to!



Who does the artwork for the label? What do you think the importance is accompanying artwork for music releases?

Our releases have had a massive variation in terms of artwork. Being a label that supports local music talent, we decided to use local artists for a lot of our releases to coincide with that. We liked bringing something different/abstract each time, but moving forward we'll be pushing a cleaner look but  fresh artwork is always essential to our releases.


The diversity in music across the label is great to see, it’s amazing to see such an eclectic mix of artists. Is trying to push such a variety of genres a planned thing or has it just worked out like that?

From the start we've been openminded with what we release. Music is very subjective at the end of the day, so we try to appreciate all the genres we can (even psy…)


Greatest achievement so far?

Up to this point, our greatest achievement in terms of releases would be releasing an EP from one of our favourite Breakcore producers, Wan Bushi. In the live music scene, being booked for one of Amen4Tekno's events supporting some wicked artists and also the events we've ran ourselves! Whilst we love releasing music, another love of ours is throwing a good old knees up!


Plans of action for 2020? What can we expect from the Beatroot Records camp?

We are looking to continue dropping fiya beats for the masses. Some guest mixes to come through the pipeline. The start of a new single release series under 'Roots Series' which you can cop the first track off now (a peng UKG number by Mollusc) and lots of wicked EPs in the works right now. Also, a 3000 follower LP of Various Artists coming very soon! 


Alongside the Beatroot stuff is a number of different nights and sounds being co-run and organised by Vibe Rater. How did you get so involved in the underground music scene?

Always had a love for music, started going to some Devon parties when I was a teenager and that just took it to the next level! After starting a promotions company in college I've been fully immersed in the music scene, particularly throwing events and releasing music!


What’s your favourite genre to play out?

Tough question! Depends on the vibe of the night but I'd say at the moment it's a mixture of drum and bass, footwork, jungle to garage, bassline and recently a lot of hard house, hardcore, donk and music alike.

How is the balance of juggling DJing and label management?

My main focuses currently are running the label and also running events with the Jangle family. DJing is something fun on the side for me! Love playing in front of a crowd and getting the hype going, but it's not what I push the most at this moment in time.


What’s your take on the underground music scene and culture here in Bristol?

Bristol is without a doubt one of, if not the biggest statements in the music scene in the UK. From club nights to sound systems to rave to the general culture. The city itself has something really special going on!


What’s the key to throwing a good party?

Obviously the vibes bro!

Who else are making movements and are standing out to you?

Gonna show some love for my guys right now! Bass Militia are bringing serious 4x4 business with releases and stinking events/DJs. Bristol Donk Collective just threw a huge first event in Bristol with the debut EP inbound! Omerta Records are bringing fresh music and are a new label to watch. Suck Puck Records are an exciting label, always keen to hear what comes out of their lab. 24hr Garage Girls are smashing it, cop their new EP if you haven't. In terms of some bigger cats in the game, Inspected are doing it for me, Critica, 1985, Symmetry are a few of the best for drum and bass! I could go on to be honest but I'll leave it at that for now.


Who would your dream b2b set be with?

In terms of what I'm digging right now, I'd love to smash some high energy dance music with the likes of Alrt or SPYRO because that kinda shit is just too good not to dance to!


Shout outs?

Shout out to Jangle & Will Rae! The Bass Militia boys, Bristol Donk Collective gang & everybody out there pushing the underground music scene. Obviously out to the Southwest fam but nothing but love to anyone that’s supporting the movement and enjoying our sound!


Cop the latest jungle release below from Iller Instinct, and watch out for more underground party music that is in no doubt soon to come.

Matt Knight

March 29th 2020 

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