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A new free to use music studio and production space is to be launched in Bristol. Curated and founded by Bristol-based producer, Batu, to allow greater access for producers to production equipment and a studio setup 

Trinity Centre in Old Market will be the new home of the studio space, and with the backing of Dr Marten’s who have helped build the studio, cover rent and provide equipment, the initial idea from Batu has now come into fruition.


July will see a series of production driven workshops, in which a handful of chosen Bristol-based producers will be hosting. Hodge, Elder Island, Mix Nights and Sir Hiss will be the running the workshops, all set to deliver some intimate advice and tips in a range of different production areas. 

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Hodge will be running a feedback session, where participants will be able to bring in their own tracks and work on them together. The trio Elder Island are hosting a session on pedal effects, and going through in-depth explanations on the circuitry of effect pedals. 


Mix Nights is a non-profit group that deliver a safe and inclusive environment for women, female-identifying and non-binary people to help develop DJing skills. Danielle, Em Williams and Daisy Moon are representing and will be bringing a First Lights Studio edition of their workshop series, going over the fundamentals of DJing and mixing. Finally, Sir Hiss will be covering a session for the grime DJs, producers and MCs, where he will be breaking down and explaining how some of his bigger tracks were made. 

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In a scene where industry-standard equipment can be priced out of reach for many bedroom and upcoming producers, this new space will certainly level the playing field and allow people to experiment with equipment that could be near enough impossible otherwise. With that in mind, alongside the intimate workshops taking place in July, First Light Studio is certainly going to be a major motivator for local Bristol music producers. 

You can sign up today with the link below:

Matt Knight 

May 27th 2021


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