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Following on from their last release with the remaster and VIP of Las Moscas 2021 by London-based producer, Strago, Anticlockwise Music are back with a 10-track LP, exploring the dirtiest and murkiest in minimal and halftime drum and bass.

Anticlockwise Music have been releasing some really great drum and bass for a fair few years now, having started off on a more jungle led, ragga vibe and transitioned into the more techy and steppy roller side of drum and bass, the level of production quality has only gone up and up with each and every release thus far.


Spacewalkers LP shines a much deserved light onto a load of mad talented producers from Italy, Spain and the UK, with each individual bringing their own unique approach and flavour to the scrumptious mixing pot that has been cooked up here. The LP does well in exploring drum and bass in all it’s vastness: from the techy and murky rollers broke up by the couple gritty halftime numbers, to them old school early jump up style bass stabs and distortions, then rounding off with tracks like Kepler by Moa, where the bassline simply warms up the body and sets you up with that smooth landing at the end of a what could be described as a rather hectic and party starting bag of tracks.

Spacewalkers LP Cover.jpg
SpacewalkersLP Back Cover.jpg

This LP journeys through time and space in the form of mind-bending drum and bass, each track really continuing a theme of out-of-worldliness, with super spacey and mystic intros, like in Chinatown Mist by Caffeine. The approach of the intro going from virtually nothing but eery synth reverberations and the occasional hi hats chiming around the speaker, then to be hit by that blow your socks off bassline and kick drum that almost comes out of nowhere, despite the fact we know what’s up prior to listening. 


Tracks like, Break it Down, by Chawer, stand out the most by breaking up the uptempo crudeness with these downright, dark and moody halftime numbers. The vibe switch ups that can arise with these halftime flavours merged in are incomparable at times. Arlow and Chawer have certainly created a tone for the LP with their tracks contributions, and these tracks are unquestionably going to be tearing the roof off tiny basements and club rooms in time to come.

Mentioning Arlow and Chawer, the artist assortment and style diversity really gives this LP a tastefulness and sense of character. It’s packed with an interesting bunch of production styles and sound designs. For instance, Misshapen Mind with his raw and rugged addition to the LP, 7780s, bringing those glitchy cut outs and his unique style of prangy, almost croaky percussion. Compared to the somewhat wholesome and warming feel of the track that ends the LP, Unforgivable World, by Ntropy. The bassline doesn’t over do it, and those crystal clear percussive elements welcomes you in and eases you for boogying and joyful listening, however, still sticking to similar murky and eery soundscapes.


This LP shines light on some super talented producers, producers with some sublime approaches to the more minimal side of the drum and bass spectrum. The journey you’re taken on as a listener and the ride that the tracks send you on is what’s great about this LP, and if you're into your murky and gritty, sub heavy techy rollers, then this LP will be right up your street. 


Cop this one when it’s available on May 4th 2021.


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Matt Knight

April 18th 2021

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