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Matt Knight

June 19th 2023

Bristol-based record label and music event, Alpha’s Trip Records, have kicked off their digital release series with a five track EP containing a fine selection in 90s inspired underground sounds.


Following on from their debut release - a vinyl remix series of the 1997 speed garage classic, ‘Sexuality’ by Paul Rayner - this time they're bringing along Groovy D, Heavy Cream, ISKA, Longeez, NorthSound, and label organiser herself, A for Alpha.

Alpha’s Trip Records, curated by DJ and producer, A for Alpha, has championed that 90s speed garage and garage house from the beginning. Going back to the early days of the Mangoes and Melons parties in Bristol, A for Alpha, formally known as A-Bee, has always been rooted in the old school and underground sound of house and garage music, and this new label is a perfect demonstrate of that.

With a change in alias and some more years of networking, A for Alpha’s newest venture has kicked off to an incredible start. It is a true homage to the 90s sound, and it is being demonstrated in every release so far.


The EP explores the full range of house, garage house and speed garage, with a light sprinkling of some jungle thrown into the mix as well. All five tracks exhibit a crispy and clear production quality, with a clear homage to the 90s underground sound. For a label emerging from 2023, the hardware sounding aesthetic and the old school sampling wizardry is an exciting contrast to see in motion.


You’ve got your classic warpy speed garage rollers, mixed together with your kick heavy murky gun finger slingers. For the speed garage collector or the 90s sound aficionado, this selection of tracks is a must have for those in need of an old school house and garage resurgence.


You can purchase the EP with the links below, and stay up to date with what’s going on at Alpha’s Trip Records:

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