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After the hugely successful “Train to Huddersfield” EP from Mandidexterous, the Bristol-based Record Label, Bass Militia, are back! This time with free party legend and bassline extraordinaire, Digga Soundsystem’s very own, Ali Monsta.

Forging his legacy in the Southwest rave scene through countless sets and releases that have made Ali Monsta one of the most exciting and versatile producer/DJ’s out there, and this release is proof of that. 

Never satisfied with being labelled to just one genre, Ali has once again dipped into his bag of tricks and shown us again why he is one of the most popular names in the Southwest scene. Bringing you a multi-genre EP full to the brim with a consistent barrage of mind-blowing and unique synths coupled with wonderfully programmed percussion that is sure to get your body moving when events finally return this summer.


The EP starts off with Ali Monsta at his very best, the track “So Much Noise” is somewhat fitting. Taking elements from dubstep, breaks and mutant bass, as well as other world music, he has merged together some incredible sounds to create a certified head spinner. It is like entering a new dimension when, after a calm, almost serene instrumental introduction, you hear a scream, the words, “you’re making so much noise”. At this moment every DJ/producer/musician will have flashbacks of their parents telling them to turn it down and then bang, you are sent spiralling down a vortex of, as the EP suggests, Infinite Noise.


The next track “Why Are You Here” is a party banger of the highest order, with the classic Ali Monsta sound that has made crowds get live across the country for so long now. We start with a dark, atmospheric build up, then it switches and the party begins, with a wall of bouncy bass just waiting to be thrown out of a soundsystem into the faces of eager ravers across the country.


As mentioned above, Ali Monsta has never been satisfied with producing just one genre, having dabbled with hardtek, bassline, garage, breaks and more over his near decade long career in production. The track “New Order” exemplifies just how versatile this guy is. This track is mutant bass meets drum and bass, and I have got to admit that I absolutely dig this one. Full of energy and sounds that are synonymous with other dance floor filling genres, but in this context are on another level.


Not only does this EP showcase Ali’s talent, as always with Bass Militia, it also showcases the talents of other producers. This time we have Bristol-based T-Break and the notorious hardtek duo of Baitman Swell & Soundchecka.

T-Break brings some original junglist vibes to the EP, with an amen-filled, bass heavy jungle version of “New Order” that is every jungle fan’s dream. More amens than a Sunday church service and enough bass to knock a man down: this is wonky, hectic and everything that jungle should be.


Taking “So Much Noise” and turning it into some fast, vibing hardtek. Heavy hitters from Bristol, Baitman Swell & Soundchecka have gone above and beyond with this one. Some incredible production and an awesome amalgamation of genres all come together to spawn a certified dance floor-filler.


All in all, this is a top notch release from a top notch producer, put out by a top notch label. I highly recommend that you go and get yourself a copy immediately, this is a must for every DJ’s USB as well as a must for your playlist.


You can find all the links below, head on over and check out the other Bass Militia releases, from the likes of Mandidexterous, Teotek, TVNDRA, Peal and more!


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