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Making Onyx Recordings’ debut roster signing, is drum and bass trio, 107, comprising of A K A (False Concept), Dub Majesty and Kook (Missen). It’s now time to unleash the sounds from their lab to the world , and Cijfer EP is a three track introduction into the minds of 107.

107 come in as the third instalment in Onyx’s JET series on the 26th of March, and it seems to have appeared out of the woodwork at the right time. With little peaks and snippets being played throughout the Stay At Home Festival and on Noisia Radio back in 2017, the anticipation for track announcements was high, and those who caught them would have been rather excited for this one.


Cijfer EP is jam packed with intense atmosphere-building breaks and synths, with the title track of the EP certainly demonstrating that. Packed with those subtle wobbles and a heavy rolling subs, you know the dingy clubs and sunny fields are going to be swamped and blessed by the 107 crew and the tracks that they’ve been cooking up all this time.


The second track, Dot Matrix, keeps it ominous and unsuspecting. They really smash the crispy and unsettling offbeat warpy percussion, wrapped in that glitchy T>I style shimmies and breaks. Dot Matrix brings along the remix feature of the EP, this time smashed out by London-based producer, Trex. This is how a remix should be done, still riding the original track but bringing through those extra gritty and crunchy flavours. Not to mention the snare on this bad boy either. 


Three tracks seem to be all that is needed to understand what 107 are about: with the final track, Inattentive, rounding off the EP with a gentle soothing of soulful vocals and a body-warming sub. Although the tone is mellowed, the underlying rawness and occasional scatty bass wobbles keeps the dark and dingy vibe in check.


Onyx Recordings are doing some really great things at the moment, not to mention the Stay At Home Festival with Goat Shed in 2020 and earlier 2021, but also introducing some truly great producers to speakers and people all over the globe. The Onyx crew have a superb ear for drum and bass with big and dark, dingy undertones, and 107 really encapsulate that.


It’s out now so go cop that and watch out for more 107 on Onyx Recordings!


Grab it here:





Onyx Recordings:

Matt Knight

April 7th 2021

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