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August 4th 2023

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Knite Club. What is Knite Club?

Knite Club is the essential night of Kniteforce Records, and it was launched last year nowhere else but in London. How did it all start?

Since 2016, the legendary 30-year-old label is simply reborn, and by that time they have been running a consecutive row of quality releases. It all started with the startling KF64 ‘Remix Records & Kniteforce Records Present: The Remix’s’ Part 9, which was the first vinyl release in 18 years and it comprises a golden piece of the KF history.

Obviously, the label is on a healthy level. It evolves facing the new era of hardcore with an elite of nuskool producers (e.g. TNO Project, Paul Bradley, Wislov, Ant To Be, Alex Jungle) and oldskool heroes such as Acen, The House Crew, Hyper On Experience, Liquid, and NRG, just to name a few. This great amount of talent has caused the expansion of Kniteforce, forming new sublabels in the game (e.g. Kniteforce Prime and Kniteforce White). Additionally, in the second half of 2018 they set up their own radio station, Kniteforce Radio, managed by The Lowercase.


But what we have learnt in the last couple of years is that Kniteforce do give a toss about fulfilling every ‘hardcore breaks’ driven desires, thus incarnating the unexpected. The most recent example is the ideal collaboration with the oldskool hardcore king, Acen, and his very own ultimate boxset entitled, ’The Monolith’. You can buy it here and make sure to hurry up, because this is a serious piece of history in the making.


Knite Club - First Rule
Photo: Thomas Adair, Four Horizons Photography


Knite Club - First Rule
Photo: Thomas Adair, Four Horizons Photography


Knite Club - First Rule
Photo: Thomas Adair, Four Horizons Photography

Anyway, if you are not fast enough ‘reaching Acen’s bpm’ to grab a boxset copy, you can still make a gift to yourselves and attend the upcoming Knite Club, the second official night of Kniteforce Records that will take place, again, at Scala in London, on 9th September 2023. If you are still in doubts whether the scene is dated or anything else that stops you from booking your ticket, then just take a gander at these 10 simple reasons aiming to make clear your soul satisfaction.

1.   Knite Club marks a proper hardcore rave night held by a legendary label – a leading force on a night like this.

2.   Have you ever thought that thirty years after the first breakbeat and hardcore strike, that legends  such as Acen, The House Crew, Jimmy J & Cru-l-t, Alk-e-d etc will perform again in the same place for one special night?

3.   It is also the official return of Messiah, exactly three decades after their iconic ‘21st Century Jesus’  album and anthems such as ’20,000 Hardcore Members’ and ‘There Is No Law’. Without underrating the rest of the acts and DJs, this exclusive upcoming set by Messiah will indisputably blow the roof off. No need to say that it will be the first one in three decades.

4.   The nuskool breed will be there too. The magician hardcore junglist, Pete Cannon, the main man of ‘We Are Hardcore’ Jay Cunning, Radio Sam (Try Unity, Rave Radio Records and Calling The Hardcore) as well as Dope Ammo, Innercore, Beeno and the KF princes of Bradders & The Lowercase.  

5.   You do not need to worry if you missed the epic First Rule of last year, because the Second Coming is going to be even bigger!

6.   Scala welcomes you, bringing three rooms of proper hardcore, jungle, breakbeat, good people and good vibes, foam fingers, gifts, kazoos, goodie bags and many Kniteforce records!   


7.   Meet and greet with everyone within the scene.

8.   It makes an eight-hour rave in total. Not bad…

9.   Because the 9th September (9/9) is the complete number of the date. Not to be missed out!

10.  It seems to become a massive gathering of new and old ravers from around the globe. Suffice to say that there are people from Australia, Japan, Canada, USA, and Germany who have already booked their tickets.


"After the epic success of Knite Club - The First Rule, comes the inevitable Knite Club - The Second Coming. Many said The First Rule was one of the best raves in recent years, combining the genuine old school rave sound with some of the most well-loved acts from that era, with the latest and greatest in the scene. The Second Coming will do all of that and more, and will feature legendary acts that haven't been seen in over 30 years, as well as some of the most incredible new talent, bringing together a night of unmissable surprises and a rave for the ages."

Among the artist present that day you will be able to find...

  • Acen

  • The House Crew

  • Jimmy J £ Cru-l-t

  • Jay Cunning

  • Dope Ammo

  • Innercore

  • Alk-e-d & Miss Monday

  • Messiah

  • Pete Cannon

  • New Decade

  • Bradders & The Lowercase

  • DJ Solo

  • Radio Sam


Hosting the night: MC Whizz Kid, Elmo, and Micro.

This is an 18+ event (Physical ID required)




Knite Club:

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