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2013 was a banging year for hiphop here in the UK, with many releases that have firmly cemented themselves in UK hiphop history book. With the almost countless amount of tracks to choose from, we put together a list of 10 that deserve a mention.


Trellion - It's Me Again

November saw the release of Trellion’s ‘Me Again’ on Bad Taste Records, this track best represents what Trellion is about: eery, bassy beats with that effortless delivery. 


Jack Jetson - Stepback 

Jack Jetson is always reliable for some mad fast rhyming and a clean-cut delivery, this track is dripping with steez and will get your head popping in no time.


Random P - Mr Miyagi 

Random P, now known as Del Fabs, has a nice catalogue of music; sooth, head-bopping beats with meaningful, self-reflective lyrics. ‘Mr Miyagi’ has those gentle keys and the wave-length to get you on a productive vibe.


Verb T - Old and Grumpy 

An artist firmly rooted in the history of UK hiphop, Verb T really pokes fun at the society of today with jokes about Internet fame and hype. The music video accompanies the humorous theme of the song really well, a classic.


Lee Scott - Basey Bat Rap 

‘Basey Bat Rap’ is just another one of the many gems on the ‘Stupid Poignant Sh!t’ album, Lee Scott’s honest and raw delivery adds for so many quotable bars throughout the tune.



Split Prophets & Mystro - The Menu 

This track screams UK hiphop all over; an elegantly sampled beat, quick-witted bars and a gritty, smokey flat full of records and a bunch of talented hiphop artists. 


Dirty Dockerz - Twisted Form 

The Dirty Dockerz have always been in their own little world on this planet: in amidst the lyrical dimension travelling are hard, real-talking bars and they can't be slept on. 


Illiterate & Bil Next - Gentlemen 

There’s one of the funkiest beats going by Dirty Dike on this track, with Illiterate and Bil Next both spitting those rowdy bars. The chorus is a perfect play on Biggie and will definitely get you in the mood for a mash up.


The Mouse Outfit - Sit Back ft. Truthos Mustafa & Black Josh 

Mustafa and Black Josh thoroughly smashed the beat of this tune with that tongue-twisting wordplay, the perfect track to get you sinking into your chair in complete relaxation.


Rag'n'Bone Man & Leaf Dog - Whatever's Left 

When Leaf Dog and Rag’Bone Man come together what’s created is really something quite special; the soulful harmonies and that loose, down-right savage beat proves they really understand each other musically.

Matt Knight

January 5th 2018

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