For seven years now, Kris Dee's Boombox Committee has seen some action to say the least. We caught up with one of the originators, Kris Dee, to discuss the team behind it, sound system culture and all the fun along the way. 

We caught up with genre fluidity experimenter and Bristol-based producer, Badger, about his 'genre-less' productions, how he got to his current position and a whole lot more. 

Some undeniably talented artists have come together amongst the party and bass music scene for the remix extravaganza of TVNDRA's EP Interference, and there are some great and exciting takes on the original.

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For the 34th edition to our series is the badman Nathan Davies, and he's come through with some might donks and hardcore for the listeners.

Bringing the sounds during lockdown is co-owner of Poggerz and DJ/producer, Tyler C, with a 30 minute mix spinning some UKG, bassline to quick steppy rollers, alongside a Q&A about all sorts of music and life stuff. 

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​Having risen from the inner core of Bristol's drum and bass and party scene, Ruffneck Ting is a name that will stand the tests of time. We caught up with one of the originators, DJ Dazee, about the history of the crew, her journey through the scene and more. 

​Ahead of the next Mangoes & Melons party taking place next Saturday at Cosies, Matt Knight caught up with DJ and label owner, A-Bee.

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The first release of newly established UK hiphop label, Brain Scran Records, is the hiphop trio, Mysteronz. Matt Knight wrote some thoughts on the project. 

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